How We Fight Recent Google Algorithm Changes

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Google recently issued 2 major search engine algorithm updates – Panda and Penguin, and with them changed known SEO and link building practice and rules. After some time passed, numerous analysis done and consultations with people in Internet marketing circles, we created a list of facts and conclusions about Google updates and upgraded our SEO campaign methods to the whole next level, having in mind all the issues Google started to track and count in SERP calculations. Result – our SEO campaigns now are better and safer than they ever were! To ensure that, we came up with a number of methods and tweaks we use in our SEO campaigns and which are unique in flood of low quality services we are all bombed each day. If you bought such a service once, you will know what I am talking about.

To be more specific, let me give you few examples. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal completely our methods as this way in the same time they would become less powerful, but here is the list of only some elements we take care of in our campaigns:

  • high level of content uniqueness
  • high level of grammar correctness
  • randomizing all (and I mean ALL) possible elements in each campaign
  • spreading submission time up to 30 days
  • imitating natural back linking behavior
  • using many site types to diversify backlink sources
  • multi-tier back linking
  • natural backlink per day count for new sites
  • proper on-site optimization

Remember, all these and much more is INCLUDED in site price! :)

To conclude –  we are in niche marketing for years because we love this ‘game’ and if you love to do something, you want to do it the best you can. That’s why we really give our best to follow all the changes which may have effect on what we do. Actually, we don’t even look at these changes as problems, but as challenges. With every new update or change in the game, you become stronger if you are dedicated to what you do. And these days, there is no industry immune to changes, especially in IT.

Good luck with your niche marketing adventure! :)


John Defoe,

Niche Sites Authority – Your reliable niche marketing partner