Q: How does niche marketing works?

A: Niche marketing is one of the most effective Internet marketing methods today. It is based on discovering niches with high demand and low competition and building highly optimized sites with related content. There are many reasons why niche marketing is so popular, like the fact there is practically infinite number of niches which can be dominated.


Q: Isn’t niche marketing already too saturated?

A: Not at all! There are many Internet marketers in niche marketing, but that is just an indicator there is a lot of money to be made with this method. In addition to large number of niches with low competition, new niches are being born every day. The trick is to find undiscovered niches and that is where we jump in with our expertise.


Q: Why should I get sites from Niche Sites Authority?

A: There are of course other ways of getting niche sites, but at Niche Sites Authority you get more for your money. Not all keywords are good keywords and not all themes are safe themes. There are many themes around which are claimed to be the best themes with high CTR, but these themes are around for years now and lots of low quality sites use them. We witnessed not once sites using these themes got slapped by search engines and as a result lose their rankings, which means no traffic to the site and no money any more. There are of course other reasons why NSA niche sites are the best, like completely free massive link building you get with your sites or free support.


Q: What makes NSA sites PREMIUM?

A: Highest quality keyword research, highest quality theme used and whole SEO campaign included with the site. It’s really a one time All-In-One Premium package!


Q: When will I start earning money with my sites?

A: We can’t give you an exact answer on that question. Lots of our sites start earning money few days after being build, but sometimes it can take some time. As our goal is organic traffic (the best, as it is highly targeted) it all depends when the site will appear on first page of main search engines. We would like to be able to predict when this will happen, but unfortunately SEO is not a math and nobody can tell you the day when any site will start being a money earner. In our experience, most of our sites start to rank on search engines in first few weeks.


Q: Can you guarantee #1 ranking on Google.com?

A: We provide you with first class Premium niche sites, high quality keyword research, exact match domain, custom made high conversion rate theme, initial link building blast and free support, but a long term search engine ranking will depend on no one but you. You will get the perfect tool to generate money each month on autopilot, but this tool needs to be maintained with periodical link building.


Q: Does your niche sites need SEO?

A: Initial keyword optimized link building blast as a form of SEO is included in the price, so you don’t have any additional expenses with the site for first month or two. After that, we suggest submitting few articles per month to high PR article directories or some other link building (social bookmarking, forum profile links…). If you need a quality SEO service for affordable prices, let us know and we will send you our recommended service providers.


Q: Does your niche sites come with initial linkbuilding package?

A: Yes, all niche sites come with off-site SEO included in price. We are using powerful, non-spammy custom developed methods optimized for new sites so you can be sure no harms will be done to your site.


Q: Do you provide a linkbuilding report?

A: We worked very hard to develop SEO methods different from those used by thousands of other marketers and to protect our methods from being overused and becoming less powerful through time, we decided not to deliver linkbuilding reports with our sites any more. However, to be sure linkbuilding is done you can always track number of sites linking to your site through Google or other website explorer tools like Majestic SEO for example.


Q: What are prerequisites for Adsense Niche Sites?

A: You have to have Google Adsense account to post Google Adsense ads. If you don’t have one, you can get it HERE.


Q: What are prerequisites for Amazon Niche Sites?

A: You have to have Amazon Associates account to get revenue from Amazon ads. If you don’t have Amazon Associates account, you can get it HERE.


Q: Didn’t Google recently changed its algorithm to slap micro niche sites?

A: Yes and no. Google actually changes and improves its algorithm very often, sometimes even few times a day. Panda and Penguin were few of the biggest updates and they removed many low quality sites. The truth is that Panda/Penguin removed all kind of low quality sites from higher ranking pages, but not the good ones. There is no reason Google would want to remove quality sites with lots of content and added value from their rankings. And that’s what PREMIUM Niche Sites from Niche Sites Authority are. As you can see from our examples on the home page, our sites rank easily not only on 1st Google page, but on spot #1 for many keywords.


Q: Do I have to buy a domain name or is it included in price?

A: NicheSitesAuthority.com is not a domain registrar. Package prices don’t include a domain name registration price. You can buy domain names at any domain registrar you choose after we deliver you a keyword/domain suggestion list.


Q: Do I have to have Web Hosting?

A: Yes, we don’t provide website hosting services. However, if you don’t have hosting at the moment, your site can be hosted on our servers up to 30 days so you can take your time and fine a suitable hosting provider for you.


Q: Do you recommend any hosting provider?

A: We use and recommend StableHost.com and HostGator.com (affiliate links). They are both reliable and affordable. However, this is a recommendation only, you can use any hosting provider you choose.